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Sasha was born in into an artistic family and comes from a long line of “Constable” artists dating back to her famous ancestor “John Constable,” the quintessential British landscape artist of the 19th century.

Sasha followed her artistic genes, completing a BA Honors Sculpture Degree from Wimbledon School of Art in London in 1992. At this time she also began print making using the block printing technique (wood and linocut).

Sasha’s work is predominantly figurative. Even when pursuing different themes or abstractions, her sculptures and prints are imbued with connotations of a figurative element.

In 1996 she completed an Art and Design PGCE in Oxford. Sasha has experience teaching a wide range of age groups.

Sasha has traveled extensively, exploring the world whilst developing her ideas and artistic talents. Her travels have taken her from England to the Americas, Africa and Asia. Since 2000 she has lived and worked in Cambodia. Over the past few years she has been focusing on “peace art” projects and also teaching art to disadvantaged children.


Sasha arrived in Cambodia in 2000, initially serving as the “artist in residence” for the world monuments fund, before moving into the education of young Khmer artists and becoming actively involved in the contemporary Cambodian art scene.

Since 2003 she has also been immersed in coordinating peace art projects, which use decommissioned weaponry as a means to promote peace and awareness for the success of the disarmament programmes operating in Cambodia.

In September 2007 two permanent monuments created out of approximately 3,000 small arms (AK-47’s and M-16’s) were sited in Battambang and Kompong Thom provinces. The monuments were built by ten artists in the Development Technology Workshop (DTW) in Phnom Penh.

Over the past two years she has also coordinated various children art projects. She is currently running painting workshops with disadvantaged children at the Green Gecko and the Cambodian Land Mine Museum.

As well as working on educational and awareness projects using art as the tool, Sasha is an active participator and promoter of the Cambodian contemporary art scene. For two years she managed and curated a gallery in Siem Reap called the Art House, which served as a platform for upcoming Khmer artists. She currently curates displays of contemporary art work in the La Residence and Amansara hotels in Siem Reap.

Her own work is on show in the Red Gallery in the FCC complex, Siem Reap.

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