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Siem Reap Giant Puppet Project 2008

In 2007 I facilitated and coordinated (with help from Stuart Cochlin and other local expatriates) the first Giant Puppet Project (GPP). An old friend – Jig Cochrane – came to Cambodia in Jan 07 to lead the workshops which involved 360 local children from schools, orphanages and street kid organisations. It was such a success we decided to organise a second GPP for 2008.

A special thanks to Sue Kaye and my mother Valerie who together with a number of friends arranged a fundraiser in the summer of 2007 which covered the costs of the 2008 project.

The 2008 GPP partnered with the SPOTLIGHT festival, an all inclusive arts festival which took place from February 23rd – March 4th in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Over 3 weeks, 6 Giant Puppets were created with 200 local children and 40 student teachers from the Provincial Teacher Training College. Each puppet had a different theme.

The Mosquito was created by Student Teachers from PTTC.

Teachers_W_V_No_1.jpg Teachers_W_V_No_2.jpg Teachers_W_V_No_3.jpg Teachers_W_V_No_4.jpg Teachers_W_V_No_5.jpg

Teachers_W_H_No_1.jpg Teachers_W_H_No_2.jpg Teachers_W_H_No_3.jpg

The Amputee Footballers were created by the Land Mine Museum children and also children from the International school in Siem Reap.

LMM_No_1.jpg LMM_No_2.jpg LMM_No_3.jpg

LMM_No_4.jpg LMM_No_5.jpg LMM_No_6.jpg

The Kong Nay puppet was created by kids from the Handicap International Outreach Programme.

HIB_W_V_No_1.jpg HIB_W_V_No_2.jpg HIB_W_V_No_3.jpg HIB_W_V_No_4.jpg HIB_W_V_No_5.jpg

HIB_W_H_No_1.jpg HIB_W_H_No_2.jpg Peace Monument Project Cambodia - 3

The Forest was created by children from COSO.

Forest_W_V_No_1.jpg Forest_W_V_No_2.jpg Forest_W_V_No_3.jpg Forest_W_V_No_4.jpg Forest_W_V_No_5.jpg

Forest_W_H_No_1.jpg Forest_W_H_No_2.jpg Forest_W_H_No_3.jpg

The Irawaddy Dolphin was created by children from Sala Tesa.

Dolphin_W_H_No_1.jpg Dolphin_W_H_No_2.jpg Dolphin_W_H_No_3.jpg

Dolphin_W_H_No_4.jpg Dolphin_W_H_No_5.jpg Dolphin_W_H_No_6.jpg

The Bayon Temple was created by children from the Green Gecko project.

Bayon_W_H_No_1.jpg Bayon_W_H_No_2.jpg Bayon_W_H_No_3.jpg

Bayon_W_V_No_1.jpg Bayon_W_V_No_2.jpg Bayon_W_V_No_3.jpg Bayon_W_V_No_4.jpg Bayon_W_V_No_5.jpg

On February 23rd the project culminated in a parade through the streets of Siem Reap. Over 260 people took part winding their way up the Siem Reap river ending up in the Raffles Park where we had organised a slide show for all the participants.

Parade_V_No_1.jpg Parade_V_No_2.jpg Parade_V_No_3.jpg Parade_V_No_4.jpg Parade_V_No_5.jpg

Parade_No_1.jpg Parade_No_2.jpg Parade_No_3.jpg

Parade_No_4.jpg Parade_No_5.jpg Parade_No_6.jpg

The Puppets were then hung in the trees for the weekend, lit up at night to reach their full effect.

Mosquito_in_park_I.jpg Irawaddy_Dolphin_in_park.jpg Puppets_in_park_II.jpg

All the hard work paid off, it was a great success, the puppets, parade and park display all looked spectacular and the kids had an amazing time. Many thanks again to Jig, Stuart, Zoe, Trixie, Alan, Noung, Savann and all the other fantastic volunteers.