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‘Celebrating Our Life in Art’

In November 2007 I led a painting workshop for eight young women who are part of the Handicap International Outreach Programme in Siem Reap Province. The girls had disabilities ranging from club feet to cerebral palsy. A young Cambodian Artist helped me with the workshops – Oun Savann.

HIB_portrait_No_1.jpg HIB_portrait_No_2.jpg HIB_portrait_No_3.jpg HIB_portrait_No_4.jpg HIB_portrait_No_5.jpg
HIB_portrait_No_6.jpg HIB_portrait_No_7.jpg HIB_portrait_No_8.jpg

We covered a variety of themes and techniques using different materials, teaching the girls about colour theory and composition. The first paintings the girls completed were on the theme of self portraiture.

HIB_painting_No_1.jpg HIB_painting_No_2.jpg HIB_painting_No_3.jpg
Still_Life_No_1.jpg Still_Life_No_2.jpg Still_Life_No_3.jpg

The finished paintings were put in two exhibitions titled ‘Celebrating Our Lives in Art’ at the end of February 2008 as part of the SPOTLIGHT festival, an all inclusive arts festival which took place in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

HIB_painting_No_4.jpg HIB_painting_No_5.jpg HIB_painting_No_6.jpg HIB_painting_No_7.jpg HIB_painting_No_8.jpg
HIB_painting_No_9.jpg HIB_painting_No_10.jpg HIB_painting_No_11.jpg HIB_painting_No_12.jpg HIB_painting_No_13.jpg

The exhibitions were a big success, we sold 12 out of the 16 paintings that were on display. The girls involved were Team Srey Torp, Som Chariya, Mai Samnang, Bon Nhorn, Bon Nhean, Moa Vin, Lam Sor and Chhean Pean.